Breach of the Peace

question the order of things | throw a monkey wrench in to the machine


About the blog

As a democratic space in the blogosphere, Breach of the Peace intends to challenge the order of things by attempting to evoke questions and critical thoughts, and refusing to merely accept things as they are handed to us.

About the author

I am SJ San Juan, a product of the University of the Philippines. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from the National College of Public Administration and Governance. My professional areas of interest include policy studies and program management, management of organizations, development studies, public fiscal administration, local government, new institutional economics, and public utilities regulation.

When I am not busy with my current work as a Chief of Staff of a Member of the Philippine House of Representatives, I write here and in my personal notebooks. I also dabble in 120mm-photography using my Holga CFN and post them in Flickr. I also travel.

You may send me emails at jayson.sanjuan [at] I also have Facebook and Twitter.


All views and opinions expressed in this blog are my own, and they do not necessarily reflect the opinions and positions of my principal, organizations, and/or affiliations.

I hold absolute copyright ownership of all materials used in this blog, unless stated otherwise. You are free to use and share the contents of this blog, provided that you properly cite me as the source and, if possible, link such citation to this blog and/or to a specific blog entry.


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